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Dr John Marriott

I have been working at Riverton Dental for over 18 years and have owned it for the last 16 years.


During this time I have been privileged in meeting and getting to know a large number of people over a long time on a regular basis.


It is these meaningful relationships and the ongoing trust that I have with patients that make my job fulfilling and myself proud.


I am a gentle, caring and honest individual that always put the patient’s interests and well being first and foremost ascribing to the Hippocratic Oath, Primum non no cere “first, do no harm” I am not pushy or a salesman I am here along with my staff to give you the best information and subsequent treatment to allow you to decide with informed consent what is best for you and your particular circumstances.


I have a wealth of experience in the dental field and keep informed of recent advances though it is of my opinion that alot of people get caught up in hype and fads and that disinformation abounds particularly in the internet age. I however base my clinical practice on established scientifically credible diagnostic and clinical procedures rather than glossy pamphlets. In line with the Australian Dental Association stance I am not a preferred provider of the major health funds I put patient’s needs before health fund policies.


I do not advertise a lot, I let my patients advertise on my behalf but thought it was time to have a website.


Riverton Dental therefore is a clinic with the highest of infection control and clinical standards. We do our best to make you comfortable and are fully transparent in treatment costs etc. Most work is carried out under magnification and all the materials I use are modern and are the best that money can buy. Similarly all my laboratory work is done by locally owned and run business with the highest quality workmanship with whom I have been working with for 18 years.


Riverton Dental is about personalised treatment in a friendly environment where the technical quality and outcomes are second to none. Although I am very competent GP I also believe that in some cases I cannot give you the best possible outcomes hence I regularly refer to specialists if and when the need arises. I have a particular interest in Dental Sleep Medicine and currently in my last year of a UWA postgraduate diploma in this field.


Personally I live locally and when I am not at work I like to spend time with my young family. I also enjoy cycling along the Shelley foreshore, playing guitar and reading.